3D visualisation in the Garden Room Community

Communicate your designs in vivid, immersive 3D! visualisation has the power to showcase the full nature and extent of your proposals, in an instant. Well… thats the general idea ;-), but i think its best to take a look at some examples from the experts to get a better idea. We’ll take a look at how they do it through:

  1. Visuals – still imagery
  2. Animation – motion imagery
  3. Interactive – engaging apps


1 Still visuals

ideas can be brought to life in a variety of ways: Often most simple and effective is to visualise a key perspective, capturing all the qualities in one still image:

Cedars Nursery illustrates how rendering a Garden Room – isolated from any context – can really help showcase the product well. Also the subtle reflections, echo the structure, making it the main point of focus.
Rendering your design within it’s proposed location ( like the the following examples from Rubicon and Smart Garden Offices – can help convince the audience of how it compliments the surrounding environment – It all depends on what your trying to acheive

Atmosphere, ambiance, sky light, sun, materials and textures, are all intimately connected with the world we inhabit. Simulating these environmental qualities humanizes, & deeply immerses the viewer, evoking their imaginations & feelings of what it would actually be like to step inside the scene:

Above Garden Office by Sergio Mereces


Above Garden “Podlet” by Roomworks

Although photorealism offers extraordinary realism, often more stylised and creative renders – that aren’t as heavy on your computers resources – can be just as effective and are the smartest option.

Above Garden “Podlet” by Hudson Garden Rooms

Traditionally, architectural layouts are diagrammatic blueprints/plans. Insitu garden office (no affiliation with INsitu) illustrates how transcending them into the third dimension helps communicate in a format that is accessible to all.  I can certainly see what they mean by specialising in “fully fitted” garden offices.


2 Animation

To take the audience on a journey through time, or give a more comprehensive overview of the the full extent and scope of the scheme – motion imagery is often used.
In the following animation from the garden office guide the 360 degree view really gives an accurate overview and feel for the building. The interior furnishings, give a sense of scale, and help stimulate the buyers imagination

“cube style garden office with corner glazing” is just one of many different styles and sizes of garden office as part of their Garden Office Tours

Next, “3D walk-through of your new outdoor space, which will transport you into your future garden.” from Cedar Nursery.

The journey through the garden, taps in to the viewers spatial awareness, giving them a realfeel” for the landscape, that you do not get with still imagery.


3 Interactive

Interactive based applications, have the advantage of engaging with the user so that they become a part of the design and visualisation process.

There’s really not a better way to invest the user, than getting them to design it themselves, which is what the 3D configurator from the Garden Office helps to do.
Well, that’s it…. perhaps ill focus on wearables such as the oculus rift and Microsoft hololens another time, but before you go what would an INsitu app post be without a little self promotion – don’t worry its just a snippet of what INsitu can do:  the 1st stage, the 3D viewer. We’ll showcase the apps ability to render in-situ/in-context visuals in forth coming weeks. Click and drag your mouse to orbit around the model 360°, have fun with the sliders too 🙂

please view on safari if using iphone, and give a little time to load