Garden offices, garden studios garden rooms, news, reviews
Garden offices, garden studios garden rooms, news, reviews

Over the years working with garden room buyers we have come to realise how many people get the concept of having a garden room, but can’t visualise how one might look in their garden.

When we heard about INsitu we could instantly see that it would add value to the garden room industry and would help buyers quickly see what a different styles of garden room might look like in their garden.

Feedback from our users is that they have found the app useful and surprisingly quick. They like the idea that by using different photos that can see what a garden room might look like in different positions in the garden.

INsitu is a great early stage marketing tool, that helps move garden room buyers along the sales funnel.

Nick ‘Woody’ Green

Designer and builder Of Garden Rooms, now Chief Editor at the The Garden Room Guide

Independent Plant and Outdoor Living Centre in Cobham, Surrey
Independent Plant and Outdoor Living Centre in Cobham, Surrey


While I subscribe to the fact that every picture paints a thousand words, creating a picture is often very time consuming and is generally done in house by an already stretched team. So we looked for a system that could leverage our existing IP in terms of 3d models yet didn’t tie up our designers. This meant producing an app that was freely available to the end user, that was simple yet powerful and would empower people to start a design conversation having already built a brief in their own mind. The likely costs, sizes and options would be clear when selecting different structures so a lot of the initial questions hopefully would be answered before we get to meet the would be client. This increases the conversion rate and cuts out a lot of the tyre kickers and not so serious types.
Well that was our plan, however, we couldn’t find anything that met our needs until INsitu came along. Initially INsitu was a little lack lustre and not very convincing, but slowly with each iteration it became more and more convincing, initially INsitu had very basic rendering, and then INsitu improved with photorealism, shadows also made a huge difference to the seamless integration of the model into the scene. It is now a useful part of our design process as well a great lead generator.
So is it worth the investment in time and money? well yes it is a deal maker, it gets the cash rich time poor couple with different aspirations and interest looking and understanding what the other partners likes and wants. It’s a short cut to success for everybody concerned.
We recently had a request for a covered area next to a tennis court, which we duly provided but then also took the opportunity to show what an outdoor kitchen and bar would look like, great when you are waiting to go onto court or just a spectator, fortunately the client agreed and what was five minutes of leveraging our existing model library changed a £10,000 job into a £45,000 project.
So what is next, more and more refinements and maybe in years to come a way of configuring the structure to the size that the client would like on the fly, and then possibly pricing it as you go, who knows where INsitu will take us.

Tim Sharples
Cedar Nursery Partner

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