rendering improvements part 2: materials

canvas (3)
previously,  we demonstrated INsitu realistically rendering the users environment. Having gone to alot of hardwork, simulating lighting and atmospheric conditions, we wanted to ensure that the 3D models showcased this. We focussed on making the materials more realistic – manipulating their parameters – so that they respond to the environment.
material relief – bump mapping
Materials in real life are not completely flat, especially timber cladding – the grooves in the wood are inset from the surface
below is a quick before and after
specular reflection
specular refelctions on the stone floor 2
as you observe a shiny/reflective surface from different angles, you will notice how the light bouncing off it changes. This is what happens in real life, and we wanted to simulate it.
The glass we had before was a partly transparent material, but that was it: it left alot to be desired to truly represent glass. We’ve added reflections…..look carefully and you’ll notice the branches of the trees 🙂
finally some i made earlier:

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