INsitu, will one day have “user accounts” so you can login, assign materials and bump mapping. If you have 3ds Max you can acheive this within the software. However, if you have sketchup, we’ve devised an alternative
material parameters – prefix your model’s material names
add any of the following prefixes to your material’s name to assign photorealistic parameters:

cr-br- ceramic brick red
cr-t- ceramic tiles
wd-s- wood skirting light
wd-b- bark
wd-p- wood polished
cr-s- stone
cr-b- ceramic brick antique
wd-l- wood light
wd-c- wood cladding
mt-m- metal
cr-r- ceramic roof tile
wd-t- tim wood
gc-g- grass groundcover
pl-s- plastic shiny
pl-d- plastic dull
mt-b- metal brushed
fb-c- fabric carpet
wd-l- wood light
mt-s- metal silver
wd-d- wood dark
fn-b- finishes wall
wd-d- wood dark
cr-c- concrete light

bump mapping  append your model’s material names
add “-bmp” to your materials names:  this tells INsitu you’d like to add a bump map
then include your bump map, in the folder where you export your models textureswd_t_table_texture_xnnbkxd0_bmp-up-0.3.jpg