INsitu by Marketing Voice

I, Harmeet,  have had the pleasure of meeting Edward and Insitu through Airhorse property Management where I now write this guest blog sharing insights on Augmented Reality (AR).  In the 2 years, me and Edward have had the pleasure of working together where I have learnt about AR technology and implemented it for my business.

Given that Insitu have been around for over half a decade now, INsitu has been creating Augmented Reality (AR) solutions before the term was even popular.

On face value, AR technology allows you to place an object in your current or provided environment, digitally. In popular culture, AR has more recently become widely recognisable since Pokémon Go.

Our Specialism

Initially, INsitu developed big building projects using Augmented Reality. Then, while watching Dragon’s Den, where a participant was selling garden rooms, the garden room niche was selected for its practicality and potential demand. Given that creating a garden room can be an expensive investment; one that can not be altered very easily after execution, our niching makes sense.

As a result, consumers of INsitu’s partners are now prepared to outlay the cost because of being able to see how their garden would look after implementation.

However, this is not the end of their idea.

The Human Psychology Element

Visualisation has always been an integral part of INsitu’s decision making process.

In fact, it becomes a challenge to purchase when the consumer is not able to visualise the potential outcome. 

Of course, there are instances of the inverse. For instance, individuals who have a natural, creative eye may be able to visualise independently. Or, on the other hand, those who are willing to take a risk, usually the more averse among us who are more likely to be early adopters too, are the ones who may not require AR. However, for most of us who like to see before they buy, AR is a great plus.

In the past, most of us would have had to physically visit or take our chances before purchasing an item. Given that physical checking is not always an option and taking your chances can lead to financial disasters, AR solves a market challenge viably.

Put simply, in order for consumers to be able to purchase a product, they will feel more comfortable knowing what they will be getting through AR.

Now, let’s look into a few other options for the application of AR.

Application of AR

It goes without saying that there are multiple ways in which AR can be used. Here are a few:

  • Property – Building structures and the scenic difference with the construction of a new development. This can also be useful for planning permission.
  • Interior Design – How a room would look after a refurbishment
  • Gaming – The possibilities are endless
  • Sales – Technology can be a tool to brand your business. Accountants in Leicester are using Augmented Reality to present their accounting and financial services to clients, bringing fun to what might have been traditional boring.
  • Vehicles – Luxury vehicles are having to do more to showcase their products. The opportunity to experience a vehicle without having to leave your driveway is quite tasty.

For more info on Augmented Reality Technology or to discuss your needs, feel free to get in touch with INsitu.