glass – rendering improvements

We want to assimilate buildings into their context as realistically as possible. Glass reflects it’s surrounding environment, blurring the lines between what is real and what is rendered. Initially the glass was reflecting; but only at certain angles; In the example below the reflection isn’t that prominent.

“THE POWER OF IMAGES MAKE DREAMS COME TO LIFE” by Tim Sharples Partner at Cedar Nursery

We worked at adding complete 360 degree coverage to the environment map, thus increasing reflection coverage:
CEDAR NURSEY powered by INsitu “Welcome to our revolutionary new visualisation for your garden buildings”

Blending the building into the environment doesn’t stop with the glass. What about inside, through the glass – the interior.  As you can see from the animation below, the interior shading doesn’t correlate with the intensity of the shadow
sun study
This is our next task – bring the Suns rays into the interior

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